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40 - Augmented reality T-Shirt (2015

We made another augmented T-shirt for the 2015 Campus Party event.

Role: Concept, 3D Modeling and texture

Credits: AR Implementation along with Arturo Jafet

39 - The autonomous car cabin for 2030  (2015)

We were invited by the R&D Center of Continental, to design the user experience technology of an autonomous car for the year 2030. We have a team of 5 students, and 4 teachers. The project is intended to be finished in November 2015.

Role: Technology, User Interface ideas, animation and rendering

Credits: User experience, design, research and prototype by Paulina Manzano, Carolina Vergara, Gerardo Rocha, Cristian Camarena, and José Barocio, Ergonomic design by Fabiola Cortés and Cecilia Landa, Technology advisor and GUI technology along with Arturo Jafet Rodríguez 

38 - AR fossils (2015) Pro bono

We brought elementary school kids to the lab, and asked them how they would like to learn with new technologies, they gave us the idea of making an augmented reality app to learn about dinosaurs, so we went to the paleontology museum, and they borrow us some fossils, that we scanned, texturize and optimize to build the AR app. This project was accepted and exhibited at ISTE conference in Philadelphia.

Role: 3D scanning, mesh optimization, texturing, and animation

Software: 3ds Max educational and Meshlab

Credits: 3D scanning along with Cristian Camarena, AR implementation by Arturo Jafet Rodríguez


37 - Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions (2015) Pro bono

We made an augmented reality app to show elementary school kids, the mechanisms of some interesting inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci. 

Role: 3D Modeling and animation

Credits: AR implementation by Arturo Jafet

36 - Procedural bookcase generator  (2014)

This script, creates procedural bookcases based on a computational grammar. The goal is to create a tool for architectural visualization.

Role: Algorithm design and programming

Software: 3ds Max educational

Language: MaxScript

Credits: Programming along with Ana Paulina Cassale and Enrique Martín del Campo

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