45 - VR for kids with autism (2015) Pro bono

We have been working in a couple of projects, that involved virtual reality as educational tool for autistic children, soon we will publish the results.

Role: All aspects

Credits: All aspects along with Arturo Jafet Rodríguez, Diana de Alba and Elinor Palomares

44 - New engineering program  (2015)

We have been working in a new engineering program, focused in computer science and computer graphics, it has been an incredible amount of work, but we are pleased to be able to offer a solid CS program with a lot of cool courses like, parallel computing, Geometric Conformal Algebra, Computational Geometry, Computational Grammar and much more.

Role: Academic design, and all academic and legal documentation

Credits: All aspects along with Arturo Jafet Rodríguez

43 - Soft bodies simulator plugin (2015)

I have been working for a couple of months in a new way to simulate soft bodies, really fast. I am working in 3ds Max using MaxScript and soon I will post some interesting results.

Role: All aspects

Software: 3ds Max educational

Language: MaxScript



42 - META ship game (2015)

We have been working in this game to experiment the user interaction with the META glass technology, this work is in prgress.

Role: User Interaction, 3D modeling and rigging

Credits: User Interaction, and META implementation along with Arturo Jafet Rodríguez 

41 - UP Media Lab at Campus Party 2015  (2015)

Our second time at the Campus Party, it was busy, but we had a huge success, we had over 8,000 people interacting with our applications and games.

Role: Booth organization

Credits: Every aspect along with Arturo Jafet Rodríguez, Cristian Camarena, Paulina Manzano, Diana de Alba, José Barocio, Francisco Orozco, and 40 more people of our staff


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