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35 - Visual Effects Program (2014)

We had the opportunity to create another academic program, in this case, is a specialization diploma in visual effects along with

Role: Academic design

Credits: Academic design along with Arturo Jafet Rodríguez and Gabriel Castillo

34 - Kids enjoying the Oculus DK1  (2014) Pro bono

We were invited to a summer camp, to show kids our virtual roller coaster, we had children from three to twelve years old and it was very interesting to see how they react at different ages.

Credits: All aspects along with Arturo Jafet Rodríguez

33 - Archnimation (2014)

This script, creates procedural animations for architectural visualization, it grabs the walls as input, and creates and animates the inner structure.

Role: All aspects

Software: 3ds Max educational

Language: MaxScript


32 - NASA innocentive Challenge (2014) Pro bono

This was a project for a course of innovation, the creator of the solution was one of my students, and I just helped him with the 3D representation.

Role: Rendering

Credits: Original Idea, design, and technical solution by Jaime Muñoz Martínez

31 - UP Media Lab at Campus Party  (2014)

We were invited to have a booth at Campus Party 2014. We showed the roller coaster, the Fly Vinci game, and the GU game. In five days we had 1,200 people playing in Fly Vinci, 4,200 people in the roller coaster, and the GU game was played more than 28,00 times.

Role: Organization of the booth

Credits: All aspects along with Arturo Jafet Rodríguez, Gabriel Castillo, Francisco Orozco, Diana de Alba, Cristian Camarena, and Rodolfo García.

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