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30 -Virtual Roller Coaster (2014)

We made this virtual roller coaster with oculus SDK 1, the goal was to research the speed and inertia perception in virtual technology. The track is 7 kilometers long and 4.5 minutes long. We have tested this roller coaster with more than 7,000 people up to this day.

Role: Concept, track and game play design, 3D modeling, texturing, and light baking

Credits: OCULUS implementation, sound effects, and programming by Arturo Jafet Rodríguez

29 - Image processing script  (2014)

I made this script in order to have a template for image processing in 3ds Max, to use it as an education tool for my scripting lessons.

Role: All aspects

Language: MaxScript

28 - Civil Engineering game (2014)

We created an augmented reality game for the Open Doors event, to show it in the civil engineering booth, the game consisted in controlling a virtual bobcat on a construction field in order to move four barrels from one place to another.

Role: Concept, gameplay and 3D modeling

Credits: AR Implementation by Cristian Camarena


27 - Fly Vinci (2014)

This game was created for the Open Doors event, using kinect, you control a Da Vinci plane with your arms, in order to grab coins above a medieval town. It is very fun and after awhile, you really feel exhausted..

Role: Game Play design

Credits: Plane 3D modeling by Diana de Alba, programming by Armando Garcín

26 - Open Doors  (2014)

Open Doors is the promotional event of the Engineering Department made to show high school students the kind of projects we make, and so they could feel the experience of be an engineer.

Role: Organization of the Animation Engineering booth

Credits: Event creation by Rodrigo Navarro and Contacto Pro, booth design and creation along with Arturo Jafet Rodríguez, Diana de Alba, and Cristian Camarena

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