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25 - GU game (2014)

We got hired to solve the gameplay of a puzzle game for LARVA Game Studios, it was the first project from the UP Media Lab for an external company. 

Role: Art supervisor

Credits: Technical supervision by Arturo Jafet Rodríguez, programming by Agustín Juárez, Alejandro Madrigal and Jorge Sahagún, Art by Sergio Palomino, José Miguel Iuit, and Verónica Lara

24 - Da Vinci Robot  (2014)

We made a concept robot from with Leonardo Da Vinci as inspiration, and we made a kinect game with it. This was a game for a promotional event.

Role: Concept and 3D model

Credits: Kinect Implementation by Arturo Jafet Rodríguez

23 - Augmented reality T-shirt (2014)

We created an augmented T-shirt with the initials of the animation program, the concept is that a steampunk mechanism comes out of your chest.

Role: Concept, 3D modeling and animation

Credits: AR Implementation by Arturo Jafet Rodríguez


22 - Engineering spots (2014)

We created five commercial spots, one for each engineering program, the concept was to establish each engineer in the same situation: a traffic jam. So each could solved the problem from a different perspective, Animation engineers could create an app like waze, Mechatronic engineers an automated car, Innovation engineers a flying car, Civil engineers would build a bridge, and Industrial engineers would optimize everything with a public railway. It was a very fun project to make, with some of my best students.

Role: (Script, 3D modeling, illumination and animation)

Credits: (Art by Sergio Palomino, Character modeling and animation by Guillermo Aceves, Illumination and render along with Diana de Alba, camera animation by Jesús Gómez and music by DVL Productions)

21 - INNOVA International Congress  (2013)

In 2013 I had the challenge to organize the second INNOVA Engineering and Design International Congress, we had more than 450 attendees, and a group of great international speakers.

Role: Organization

Speakers: Andrés Moline, Andrew Morrison, Luis Romero, Mike de la Flor, Jorge Morales, Jorge Gómez, Edgar Polanco, Bibiana Huber, Jaime Jasso, Daniel Schmid, Manuel Bañó and Maurizio Corbi

Credits: Organization along with Pilar Henández, Ivonne Cisneros, Álvaro Valdéz Tort, and Eduardo López de Lara

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