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10 - INNOVA International Congress  (2011)

In 2011 I had the challenge to organize the INNOVA Engineering and Design International Congress, we had more than 350 attendees, and a group of great international speakers.

Role: Organization

Speakers: Andrés Moline, Andrew Morrison, Yoanpablo Pérez, Joe Fletcher, Jorge Moreno and Victor Sánchez

Credits: Organization along with Ivonne Cisneros and Eduardo López de Lara

9 - Ingenia (2010)

We created a popular science magazine, as an experiment to show our students a fun and interesting way to know about science and technology. It was a struggle between writing the articles and to obtain the funding for the project, sadly, after 6 prototypes, we had to cancel the idea due to lack of resources. 

Role: Original Idea, article writing and editing

Credits: Editing, and editorial design by Ivonne Cisneros, and special thanks to Antonio Lara Barragán, Adolfo Cota, and Josué Reynoso

8 - Robot character (2010)

Robot character I made for my friends of the mechatronics engineering program, for a robotics competition they organized.

Role: All aspects

Software: 3ds Max educational


7 - Wine glass rigging (2010)

This rigging technique allows to animate a liquid without fluid simulations. It uses a spring controller to transfer movement to rotation values in order to cut the surface of the wine at opposite angle from the glass.

Role: All aspects

Software: 3ds Max educational

Language: MaxScript

6 - Low cost motion capture technique (2010)

I developed a rigging technique, based on a very old tool in 3ds Max that allows to control objects from keyboard of mouse input in "real time" I have been teaching this since then. This approach, allows to create a fairly good animation in very short time with no previous experience.

Role: Creation of the technique based on existing 3ds Max tools

Software: 3ds Max educational

Credits: The Character seen in the video, is an original concept from Sergio Palomino, and modeled and rigged by me

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