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Having finished my work at VOLOS, I opened my own company named NEOX, where I had the opportunity to work with a lot of very talented people, in several projects. We offered our service about Product Design and Engineering to national and international companies, until 2006, when we made a pause to focus in a new technology that later became a new company. Later in 2010, having joined the Universidad Panamericana, I reactivated NEOX along with Josué Reynoso, a very talented engineer and one of my best friends, to attract real projects for our best engineering students, we did this until 2013, when Josué went to New York to pursue his Ph.D. at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 

During 10 years, we had a lot of clients from small local companies, to the big ones like Axtel, Hewlett Packard, BlackBerry, Freescale, Arteche, and Perfect Choice among others. We learn a lot about good and bad clients, and we had some big fails to learned from.

30- Electric Device Case (2013)

We developed the case for an electric device for a Spanish company called Arteche. The device is still on sale for industry purposes.

Role: Product Engineering, and Rendering

Credits: Industrial Design by Claudio González, Product Engineering along with Anya Valdepeña, Eduardo Elías López, and Josué Reynoso

29- Laser Presenter for Perfect Choice (2011)

We designed a laser presenter for a local technology company called Perfect Choice, they still sell this product in several tech stores.

Role: Product Engineering, and Rendering

Credits: Industrial Design by Anya Valdepeña, Product Engineering along with Claudio González and Josué Reynoso

28- Tortilla Making Machine (2011)

This was an internal project along with two of our best students, in which we designed a new way to cook tortillas in less than 4 seconds, and we tested the technology and build a proof of concept. 

Role: Technology Design and Product Engineering and Prototype

Credits: Technology Design, Product Engineering and Prototype making along with Anya Valdepeña, Claudio González, and Josué Reynoso

27- Innocentive Challenge Winning Concept (2010)

We win an Innocentive Challenge about Robotics. No more details due NDA.

Role: Technology Design and Rendering

Credits: Technology Design along with Josué Reynoso

26- Low cost Computer for AXTEL (2007)

We made the product engineering for a low cost computer inspired in the one of MIT Media Lab, the company wanted to create a similar project for the low income population of México. 

Role: Industrial Design, Product Engineering, and Rendering

Credits: Product Engineering along with Manuel Vargas

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