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25- Modular Furniture (2007)

This is a modular furniture system we made for a business entrepreneurship.

Role: Rendering

24- FXSimulator Ride (2006)

The project was to develop an animated ride for a company based in UK. The animation was made in 3dsMAX.

Role: Concept, Modeling, Animation and Rendering

Credits: Script and Story Board by FXSimulator

23- Design of Road Signs for SEMEX (2005)

The company asked us to design three new concepts for road signs, we work from the concept to all aspects of prototyping and the manufacturing process, we even had to live in Monterrey for several weeks in order to implement the products on the company.

Role: Industrial Design and Product Engineering

Credits: Industrial Design and Product Engineering along with Manuel Vargas

22- Rubber Devulcanizer (2005)

We have designed a technology for invert de vulcanized process for a local company called SINTREC, we also designed the machine, and tested the solution with a proof of concept, the company didn't pay the project and it was also a learning project for us.

Role: Technology Design, Machine Design and Product Engineering

Credits: Machine Design along with Manuel Vargas

21- NEOX Design Manager (2005)

The goal was to integrate all design methods that I had been developed in recent years in a single design management software, the project was developed as a proof of concept in Visual Basic. I was not able to finish the program because of its enormous complexity, and this was one of my failures than I could learn more.

Role: GUI Design, Method Design and Programming

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