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Master of Science in Computer Science


5 - Digital Animation Engineering Program (2010)

We created a digital animation program from the engineering perspective in order to educate future technical directors, here is when I was hired as full time teacher at Universidad Panamericana, and I have been involved in the program since then, first as academic coordinator and later in 2012 as Director.

Role: Involved in the academic design

Credits: Original idea, and creation of the program by Adolfo Cota

4 - Impossible geometry solutions (2008)

I made these videos for a geometry course to show the students how the impossible stair of M. C. Escher or the Triangle created by Oscar Reutersvärd could be solved in real life, the challenge for the students was to create a plastic prototype that could produce such optical illusion.

Role: Solutions and 3D modeling

Software: 3ds Max educational

3 - Rotary engine concept (2008)

Mechanical explorations for rotary engines, this was made for a Solid Works course, as assembly example.

Role: Design and modeling

Software: SolidWorks educational

Credits: Mechanical Design along with Adolfo Cota


2 - Fully Rigged Character (2008)

3D Character created for an animation course, the character has full body and facial rig, made without plugins in 3ds Max educational.

Role: All aspects

Software: 3ds Max educational

1 - Folding Bike (2007)

Folding bike designed for a Solid Works course, the project shows a fully functional assembly of an original design, the challenge for the students was to design a folding bike under certain technical parameters.

Role: Industrial design and 3D modeling

Software: SolidWorks educational

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