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15- Wheelchair for Braun Prize (2005)

The goal was to design a wheelchair for kids with hyperkyphosis, this project was developed for the Braun Prize Contest, and finished in third place at national level and among the finalist at international level, and was exhibited at several places along the world.

Role: Mechanism Design, Product Engineering, and Rendering

Credits: Mechanism Design and Product Engineering along with Paulina Chalita

14- Coupling Mechanism (2005)

The goal was to design a coupling mechanism for vertical elements under $0.30 USD, we managed to design a mechanism of only one piece at a cost of $0.05 USD. This was my first design that was patented, although the property is held by the company.

Role: Mechanism Design and Product Engineering

Credits: Finite Elements Simulation by Manuel Vargas

13- NEOX Design Viewer (2004)

We created an interactive model viewer for our clients, the project was programmed in Visual Basic and it was based in the Cult3d technology.

Role: GUI Design and Visual Basic Programming

12- Automatic Stapler for Hewlett Packard (2004)

We have developed this stapler from the concept to functional prototype, based in an electromechanical device from the company. The product was not manufactured for commercial reasons.

Role: Industrial Design, Product Engineering, Rendering and some aspects of the Prototype Fabrication

Credits: Other Concepts by Manuel Vargas and Iván Barquet

11- PCB demonstrator for Freescale (2004)

This is a portable exhibitor for electronic devices.

Role: Industrial Design, and Rendering

Credits: Other Concepts by Manuel Vargas and Iván Barquet

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