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Older Projects from 2003-2004


5- Quality Assurance Method (2004)

We developed a Method for evaluating the fabrication quality of a small local company, we achieve an important reduction of the product returns.

Role: Method Design

Credits: Method Design along with Manuel Vargas

4- Concept Watch for 2125 (2004)

The goal was to develop a new watch concept, for the TIMEX 2154 design challenge. This project was not awarded.

Role: Industrial and Concept Design, 3D Modeling and Rendering

Credits: Other Concepts along with Manuel Vargas and Daniel Chávez

3- Payment System for Public Transportation (2004)

The goal was to solve the product engineering of three devices according to the electronic and usage needs. This project was initially design at VOLOS along with Jaime Cadena Luna.

Role: Industrial Design, Product Engineering, 3D Modeling and Rendering

Credits: Industrial Design along with Manuel Vargas, Daniel Chávez, and Jannette López

2- NEOX Office (2004)

The challenge here was to design a functional and comfortable office in a very small space. 

Role: Concept Design and Rendering

Credits: Industrial Design along with Manuel Vargas

1- Food Truck Design (2003)

We develop concepts around a food truck. Our solution was to distribute the interior sections according to different tasks involved in preparing sushi.

Role: Industrial Design and Rendering

Credits: Industrial Design along with Daniel Chávez and Jannette López

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